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Tile for posts in the Links categoryWindows Home Server Version 2 (aka Vail) is still a beta but with my test box built I’ve been running it and collecting information. Here are some links that I’ve found interesting.

Microsoft had a 45-min Vail “Demofest” at the latest Tech-Ed. You can see the video here and also get the PowerPoint slide deck they used. The video is a nice overview of what’s in Vail.

Windows Home Server doesn’t really need a DVD drive after the installation. I installed from a spare DVD drive I have, but if necessary you can install Vail from a USB stick.

Jim Clark documents how he set up Vail as a Windows Media Center.

An example Vail system build.

My own Windows Home Server posts, both version 1 and 2, are in the Windows Home Server category.

A $330 PC build that can be used to test Vail. I’m not sure I’d really suggest this. I rather spend more money and have a server that can run Vail for years. But I can see someone wanting low cost hardware for testing.

Alex Kuretz has a good intro to Vail, written when it was first released in beta, on

AutoExit is already in beta as a Vail add-in. AutoExit provides features related to managing clients through Wake-on-LAN.

As for getting Windows Home Server Vail itself, it’s available from Microsoft Connect. Remember it’s beta software.

Microsoft’s community page for Windows Home Server still targets version 1, but will be a good resource when version 2 is released.

Any Vail news or information I missed? If so, let me know in the comments. I’ll also be updating the links in this list if I find additional ones of interest.

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