OS Quest Trail Log

The OS Quest Trail Log #52: Updates, Updates & More Updates Edition

June was a month of updating old projects and updating software.

Picture of a white classic carJune has been one of catching up with projects started long ago. First one system build was finalized, then a second system build started months ago was finished. Of course, that meant several PC’s that needed this month’s Microsoft patches. So this past Saturday I turned them all on and ran system update on each one. For good measure I made sure they were online long enough to backup to my Windows Home Server.

Website Updates

The big updates this past weekend were a system upgrade from my webhost and a upgrade to the newly released WordPress 3.0. Linode celebrated their seventh anniversary by bumping the memory on all their VPS plans. So my 384MB plan got bumped to 512MB. All I had to to was reboot my Linode to get the upgrade, and I did that Saturday. I tweaked the Apache configuration a little to allow more Apache but the new memory is still going unused. Still, a nice surprise.

I went through a upgraded all my WordPress plugins on Friday and then upgraded my guinea pig site to WordPress 3.0. Can’t really call it a test site since it is live. Just doesn’t get much traffic. That seem to go well so on Saturday I edited my svn script to install 3.0 on all my sites and ran it. Everything seems to be fine. To be honest, from my selfishly personal perspective I don’t see any earth shattering changes or enhancements although there is certainly a long list of enhancements.

Since I was updating WordPress I also updated my theme from Frugal 3.3 to Frugal 3.5. This upgrade was painless with the new theme seamlessly importing the old settings.

OS Updates

In addition to the usual Microsoft monthly security patches there were a few Apple updates. Small in number, large in size. My Snow Leopard Macs got OS X 10.6.4 while my Leopard Mac got a security update. Everything got Safari 5 and iTunes 9.2.

It’s interesting that I’m at a point where the Microsoft patches don’t concern me. I do update my primary Windows machine last and make sure I have a backup. But I don’t really fret about the update. On the other hand, I put off my Mac updates (at least the OS and iTunes) until I know I’ll have time to recover. But this time around all was well. It did take iTunes about 2 hours to update my library after the upgrade and then videos wouldn’t play until I rebooted the Mac. So while not part of the plan, it wasn’t a big deal.

Other Updates and Changes

I recently switched over to using Google Chrome on Windows as my primary browser. I like it. Firefox was getting sluggish and I didn’t feel like cleaning up the extensions (although I don’t have too many of them). Windows was also buggy and I noticed it seemed to be after a Firefox crash or other Firefox weirdness. It’s hardly proof, but since I haven’t been running Firefox things have been stable. I do have to use Firefox on a site or two that Chrome has problems with.

That’s it for this Trail Log, just a quick update.