Rearranging Windows Home Server Hard Drives

Placard for Windows Home Server TipsOne of the nice features of Windows Home Server is that the existing drives can be moved around without breaking anything. I benefited from this recently and did mention it in my last Trail Log but figured it was worth highlighting as a tip.

If you need to rearrange disk in a Windows Home Server or move them to new connections you can do so without any special work (other than shutting down WHS for the move). When I moved the warm hard drives from the internal bays to the external bays all I had to do was shut down the server and physically move the drives.  Likewise when I re-seated all the cables I didn’t have to worry about putting them in the same SATA port.

One thing to keep in mind is that if your using a home build like I am, and use the Disk Management for Windows Home Server Add-in you will still need to keep track of the drive bay assignments when you move drives or cables.

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  1. I just had my Norco SS-500 backplane die on my homebrew WHS. It had flagged one HD as "missing" but the drive would temporarily come back after a reboot. So, assuming the drive was starting to seize, etc., I removed it from the WHS pool. (Everything was duplicated so no stress there.) I pulled the "bad" drive, and damned if WHS didn't flag the next HD on the same backplane as "missing".

    I still haven't figured out what happened there, but I no longer have the patience as I did when I was younger to futz around with it trying to determine what's broken and try to repair. I've settled on a Rosewill RSV-S8 8-bay eSATA enclosure and was worried about what should be hooked up where when I migrate.

    Thanks for the tip.

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