WWDC Kicks Off

Quick Bits - Commentary placardApple is kicking of WWDC today so naturally the Apple rumors are flying. I find it hard to get exited about anything that might happen there. Apple is primarily a consumer products company these days and while important, computers are just one component of their business.

Naturally there will be a new iPhone announced along with iPhone OS 4.0. I don’t really care. As long as the iPhone is locked to AT&T I will never have one as long as they’re the telco provider. Rumors of the iPhone arriving on Verizon persist but I don’t put much stock in them.

The rumors of the Apple TV changing into a streaming device that includes apps (iPhone for the TV?) also don’t interest me. I have one of the early Apple TVs and still use it occasionally, but not to stream. If I was to replace it I’d be hooking up a Mac Mini or PC to my TV. While it’s possible Apple will stop treating the Apple TV as a hobby and try to make it the centerpiece of the living room. Even if they do I won’t be running out an buying one, even for the rumored $99 price.

I haven’t really been hearing he usual rumor about the Beatles coming to iTunes. But even if they do it’s too late for me. I went with the re-released physical CD’s.

If MobileMe becomes a free service I might bite for the iPad specific stuff. I still have memories of the .Mac to MobileMe conversion disaster. That experience turned me off of trusting Apple in “the cloud”. It was 2 years ago but I still haven’t forgotten or forgiven.

I’m not looking for new Apple Computers so the inevitable hardware upgrades don’t interest me. And word is there won’t be any OS X 10.7 introduced.

The good news is that while the tech news will be packed with Apple stories next week I can safely ignore them all.

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