News & Links for May 3, 2011

Paragon Software is offering their backup software for free through 9AM eastern time on Tuesday May 4th. It’s Paragon Drive Backup Pro 9.5. You need to register it to get the serial number before the time expires, so don’t just download it and file it away. If you run the downloaded installer you’ll have the option to register and not be forced to install. I can’t guarantee you can put off the install as long as you have the registration info, but it does appear you can. I was impressed to see a 64-bit version of the software was included.

The NY Post is reporting that the feds are arguing over which agency (DOJ or FTC) will begin an anti-trust investigation into Apple over their new developer agreement. Apple’s trying to control their eco-system and HP is buying Palm, anyone still think the future isn’t mobile?

Amazon has apparently started to distribute a Kindle update that makes their device more social. I can see where some people may like this, but I hope they’ve learned from other high profile fiasco’s and have these sharing feature off and opt-in.

Mint wasn’t the only new Android app today. Twitter has released their official twitter app for Android. According to Engadget it needs Android 2.1.

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