News & Links for April 27, 2010

Some Internet items that caught my attention today:

Apple released iTunes 9.1.1 which contains a few bug fixes. I had hoped that it would resolve some problems I had with video on the iPad, but no such luck.

With the beta of the next Windows Home Server just announced, there’s been a lot of activity at the expected sites. Much as I’d like to jump on it, it’ll be awhile before I can throw the beta on a test machine and play with it. I need to win the lottery so I can quit my day job. So here are a few links to pass the time. The MS Windows Home Server site has numerous articles and links, this one contains some installation tutorials and this is part 1 of a Vail overview. Browse the rest of the site for more information.

Panic Software has released version 4 of the best Mac FTP client out there. I already bought my upgrade despite doing most of my FTP’ing from Windows these days.

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