Microsoft Kills the Sidekick

Picture of the Sidekick not available messageThis story has been kicking around a couple of days – T-Mobile Sidekick users appear to have lost all their personal data. Sidekick is a Microsoft product (through Danger, which they bought) and the data is on their servers, not T-Mobile’s.

Now the rumor of choice is that it was a failed SAN upgrade and Microsoft didn’t have a backup strategy so there weren’t any backups. It’s hard to imagine this happening at a company like Microsoft. We don’t expect them to be run like a fly-by-night operation. Yet they didn’t have backups of their customer data, the data their business was built around. Then, without backups, they brought in a 3rd party vendor to upgrade the SAN that all that data was on. For some reason it went bad. But instead of being an annoying outage while a restore was done it’s turning out to be a disaster.

They’re still trying to recover some of the data but it doesn’t seem promising. T-Mobile is telling customers not to turn off their Sidekicks or let their battery run out in the hopes that the data that’s on them can be saved. T-Mobile has also stop selling the Sidekick, at least temporarily.

Microsoft paid a reported $500 million for Danger in early 2008. Now it appears they’ve come close to destroying it

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