Apple Marketing Gets Me Again

Black Apple I have to give Apple credit, they do a great job of segmenting their products into different price points and feature sets. Despite being one of the people saying no one needs that much space for music when the original iPods were announced I eventually bought one, which was my first Apple product. I’ve bought two replacement iPods since then and my current iPod is a 60GB 5th gen.

The iPod Touch/iPhone has been calling to me since it’s release but I refuse to get an iPhone as long as it comes from AT&T. As for the iPod touch, I like having all my music with me so I don’t have to worry about what’s there or not having what I want. The iPod Touches just didn’t have the capacity for my 50+GB of data. At least until last Wednesday.

As of last Wednesday there was a 64GB iPod Touch that has enough space, at least it appears to. But at $400 it requires a nice chunk of cash. So I did what I usually do. I looked at the options.

The iPod classic would more than double my capacity. Since there wasn’t any real feature change I could just wait until my current iPod died.

Then there was the iPod Touch, The low-end model keeps the old hardware and has slightly fewer features (no remote or mic on the headphones) than the larger models. The 32GB model would save me $100 but like I said, I like having everything there. Although I can use the iTunes smart playlist feature to keep the songs on the iPod fresh, it’s not ideal. So that bumps me up to the 64GB model at $399. Looking at it from the point of view of $100 for the convenience it doesn’t seem as bad as 4 bills.

I was still skeptical about how much I’d like the iPod Touch so I even though I could get free engraving I skipped it, figuring it would be easier to sell without the engraving. Of course, soon after ordering I was hit with buyers remorse but it was soon too late. Apple shipped it that night rather than the 3 to 5 days estimated in the store. So it’s currently winging it’s way here to me.

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