OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard Clean Install

SnowLeopardBoxWell, I just finished running through a clean install of OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard on my iMac. I did a clean install, wiping out everything on the drive. I had read that it would be necessary to install Leopard first but found that wasn’t the case.

After verifying my backups I just popped the Snow Leopard DVD into the drive and double-clicked the install icon. I clicked the “Utilities…” button rather than “Continue” on the first screen. Then I clicked the “Restart” button. After the reboot I selected “Utilities” –> “Disk Utility from the menu. There’s no button, you have to go to the menu. Once Disk utilities started I formatted the drive and closed Disk Utilities. Once Disk Utilities closed the installer was there and I continued the install. I was not prompted for any Leopard disk. Probably since the installer was started under Leopard.

Not much else to say at this point. The entire process took about 45 minutes. There was one Software Update available after the installation – Remote Desktop Client Update 3.1.1. The installation took just a bit over 6GB on my drive. Performance of Finder (all I’ve used so far) seems snappier but that could be the nice clean install or my wishful thinking.

I’m copying my files from my backup and will call it a night since that will take 3 hours if Finder’s estimate is to be trusted. I’ll resume my software installs tomorrow.

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