Frustration Comes Then Goes

It wouldn’t be beta if there weren’t some problems and frustrations with Windows 7. After installing Windows Update KB72636 (a compatibility list update for IE 8) my screensaver and energy saver stopped kicking off. No problem running the screensaver manually. Coincidence maybe, but it always worked up until that point and that was the only change.

The quick troubleshooting like resetting it and rebooting didn’t work. I was going to sit down and tackle it this weekend but decided to see if there were any other updates. There were, a Silverlight update and some nvidia driver updates. So I went ahead and installed them and did a reboot.

That was all it took. The screensaver kicked in after 30 minutes and all was well. Not sure how the IE updated cased it although there’s some logic in it being fixed by a driver update. No sense trying to apply logic to an OS, I’ll just be happy it’s working.

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