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Now that my iMac problems seem to be behind me it’s time to get my desk optimized. In the past my iMac was my primary computer and the Windows PC was used for for specific tasks. My Asus monitor was setup as a dual monitor for my iMac. If I needed it I would remote desktop from my iMac to the Windows PCs. In a pinch there was a cable from my Windows 7 box to a second input port on the Asus monitor so I could hook up a keyboard and mouse and use it directly.

This time I’ve decided to give Synergy a try before returning to the old ways. Synergy is open source software which allows sharing a single keyboard/mouse across different PCs which can be on different operating systems.

I had expected to have problems setting things about, after all this was a device driver for multiple OS’s. But it couldn’t have been easier. I setup my Windows 7 machine as the Synergy server and run the client on my iMac. Right now I have to start the client manually on my Mac but once I’m comfortable with it I’ll set up the script to start it on boot.

It’s been less than a day, but so far no problems. I had been hesitant about doing this but I should have done it sooner.

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  1. I'm not having as much luck. Got a MBPro with Snow Leopard and a Win7 netbook.

    Got it telling me 'Connected' on both sides but there's no sharing going on.

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