False Positive From Avast Antivirus for Windows Live Photo Gallery

[Update: It looks like Avast has resolved the problem. Virus defs version 090719-0 do not have the problem. Right click the Avast icon in the system tray and go to the updating menu if you need to force the update. I removed the exclusion I had below and all was well.]

I went to start Windows Live Photo Gallery a little while ago and Avast popped up a message that it was a generic trojan. I was 99% sure it was a false positive as I’d run the program earlier and the Avast virus definitions had been updated since then. But to be save I went to the Kaspersky Online Scanner and scanned the file which was reported as safe. Other files in the WLPG directory were also being flagged as trojans.

So, I had to exclude the directory from being checked in order to run the program. The way to do this is a bit hidden so here’s how:

1. Open the On-Access scanner and go to the Standard Shield and click the customize button. Then click the Advanced tab:

On-Access Scanner Screenshot AdvancedSettings

2. Then click the Add button and enter the path to exclude. You need to include a file specification so in my case it was C:Program Files (x86)Windows LivePhoto Gallery*.*.

If I start Avast and let it do a memory scan while WLPG is running it reports it as a trojan but at least I can run WLPG now. I did go through their process of reporting a false positive which hopefully others will do and it will be cleared up soon.

5 thoughts on “False Positive From Avast Antivirus for Windows Live Photo Gallery”

  1. Thanks for the confirmation. I was wondering if it was a false positive or not….maybe I should go with kaspersky instead?!

    • @Kelvin – I just used Kaspersky since it has a quick online scanner for one file. Any of them will come up with false positives, and Kaspersky has had at least one that made the news back in late 2007. This is my first false positive with Avast in using it for about a year. Assuming it gets fixed in a timely manner I plan on sticking with them. While Kasperksy probably doesn't want to hear it I'd pick them last since their online scanner is an easy second opinion. If I went with their full version I'd need to find someone else for a second opinion.

  2. This is my first false positive that I've had with Avast and I was wondering "why the heck would MS give me a trojan in Win 7 RC?" and why such a program would even get a trojan in the first place. So I just followed your instructions to make it stop nagging me about it.

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