The OS Quest Trail Log #42: Apple Sucks Edition

My Apple woes continue. Every since upgrading to OS X 10.5.7 my iMac has been locking up on a regular and frequent basis. I’m not alone with one thread on the Apple forum reaching 11 pages. So, since my initial problems I’ve re-installed my OS twice (a fresh install beginning with a drive format).

The second time  I incorporated all the tips in the various articles I’ve read and starting off by zapping the PRAM. All peripherals were disconnected during the install except the Apple keyboard, Logitech trackball (just the built in OS drivers) and a network cable. I did a fresh install and followed barjohng’s instructions for applying the update in a way to make sure nothing else is running. I even turned off the unused airport adapter as soon as the initial installation was done. Unlike previous times I applied every update that was offered including Safari 4.

I kept the software installations to a minimum.

  • iTunes and I restored the iTunes library from backup but I didn’t restore the preferences
  • Transmit (my ftp program) and this is the only program I restored the preferences since settings I need are saved here and I didn’t want to re-enter them all.
  • DropBox
  • JungleDisk – my Backup software
  • iLife ‘09 and applied all waiting patches. Like iTunes, I restored the libraries but not the preferences
  • ChronoSync
  • iStat Pro widget – I used this to monitor temperature

I didn’t install any other software but by the end of the day I was encountering frequent freezes. According to iStat there wasn’t any heat issue.

Since then I’ve been moving files off and setting up my Windows 7 PC as my primary PC. I finished moving most stuff off this past weekend. All that’s left is my iTunes library. iTunes wouldn’t be a problem except I keep files in a few locations. Since OS X and Windows address network drives differently I figure I’d have to jump through some hoops to get things to work and I’m not convinced it would be worth it, after all Windows will die eventually.

I figure the next step is to run some hardware diags and if those come out OK to start with another fresh install and then install apps one at a time with some testing in between.

Moving to Windows 7

I liked Windows 7 enough to move to it while my Mac was in rehab. I suspect it will be my primary PC for awhile, although there will be things the Mac is better suited for.

I moved out of iPhoto to Windows Live Photo Gallery (WLPG) (I hate that “Windows Live” naming theme) which was a pain. I used  iPhoto for photo organization and occasional printing. WLPG make organization easier than iPhoto, at least the way I use it because it just reads the directory structure once the directory is added to WLPG. It was tedious exporting the individual albums and folders form iPhoto which has taught me to keep things generic. The directories can be read by any OS and I can pull them back into iPhoto I’ll pick the option to keep them in their location.

On the printing side WLPG offers less than iPhoto. With iPhoto it’s possible to edit/adjust the photo before printing without updating the saved photo. With WLPG the photo has to be edited first. Not a big deal for what I do, but it could be an issue for some.

Most of my other data is either on the net or for cross-platform apps like I simply copied my Firefox profile from my iMac backup to my Windows 7 machine and everything was just like my Mac, add-ins and all.

Mac or Windows Future?

Things aren’t quit as polished on the Windows side of things as they are on the Mac side, at least not in the software I’ve found. I’m still working on duplicating some things I did on my Mac and while I’ll be able to do it, it’s not as straight-forward. In the past I’d been almost always Mac except for specific cases, such as writing blog posts in Windows Live Writer. I’ll probably be doing most of my work on Windows 7 now and use the Mac for things it’s better suited for. At least until my Windows 7 PC starts giving me problems and I move back to my iMac.

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  1. Sorry to hear you are having so many problems with your Mac. I think that as Apple gains popularity more and more problems are going to be coming up like this. Even with their limited hardware differences they still seem to program things so specifically that there is just no flexibility even between their yearly OS/hardware refreshes.

    On your Windows 7 journey I would recommend trying out something like Picasa for a photo library because it is (somewhat) cross platform and has a lot more features than WLPGBBQ.

    Other than that I think Windows will still have more bang for your buck than you will get from OSX.

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