Apache Modules Needed For A WordPress Site

Continuing along my recent WordPress theme but veering into Apache Server territory I took a look at the Apache modules that are required for my WordPress site. I’m running WordPress 2.7.1 on Apache 2. It’s pretty basic, just WordPress and some plugins, not heavy on file downloads or streaming. I’m hoping to save some memory on my server so I’ll disable the Apache modules that I don’t need. This only applies if you control your own server, if not you can save some pain and move along now.

Modules Needed by WordPress and Apache

(If Apache failed to start without the module I considered it required rather than try to modify my config to remove it.)

  • alias
  • authz_host
  • dir
  • mime
  • php5 (may be different if you’re using php 4)
  • rewrite
  • setenvif

Modules Needed By WordPress Optional Features or Plugins

The WP Super Cache Plugin uses the following modules. If they aren’t available the plugin will still run but will be in “half mode” with limited features.

  • expires
  • headers

Since I have WordPress Administration over SSL along with mod_deflate enabled I also kept the following modules:

  • ssl
  • deflate

If you have other plugins there may be additional modules that you need. There’s the usual disclaimer that I’m sharing what works for me, your mileage may vary.

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