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Might as well continue the WordPress theme with a quick post. I use Windows Live Writer for most of my posts. I’ve been setting up a new site but when I went to add it to Windows Live Writer it gave me an error that it couldn’t detect the style. I could see the temporary post appear and disappear so I knew it had access. I was also able to post.

Looking in the Windows Live Writer Log (available through Help –> About) indicated it was timing out. With my recent changes, such as enabling SSL, I thought I introduced an error so spent some time researching that and checking plugins. Long story short, this is the first site I’ve set up that’s configured to use a static home page rather than posts. It seems Windows Live Writer doesn’t like this. I switched the main page to posts and the detection worked fine. I switched back to a static page after that and everything stayed fine.

One the same Windows Live Writer topic:

I use a child theme for most of my sites. I’ve found that Windows Live Writer can only read the style sheets in the child theme directory and not the ones in the parent theme directory. If you use child themes you’ll know it and the statement will make sense. If you’ve no idea if your theme is a child them then it’s probably not. I use Thematic as my theme framework.

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  1. @Ray – Not really. My child theme now contains most of the css so while WLW still only reads the styles defined in the child theme it's enough to use the preview in WLW.

  2. Most of my CSS is in the parent theme… so it looks a little off in "Preview" mode.

    Funny thing is I'm using WPMU and one of the sub-blogs which uses the same child theme displays the preview perfectly.

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