No Longer A Mozy User

I’ve been a Mozy fan and user for a couple of years and had a paid subscription, at least until I recently cancelled it. At some point my backups stopped working. My tech support experience didn’t go well. While working on the issue I was backing things up to Amazon S3 (via Jungle Disk). After all the files were backed up to S3 and the Mozy issue remained unresolved so I cancelled the subscription.

I will admit I didn’t dedicate a great deal of time to the problem although I did run through all the steps requested by Mozy support. Backups need to be unobtrusive, simple and not time consuming. This had become neither.

I new things were bad when the tech support e-mail said the problem was my Mac was going to sleep during the backup and I should just keep restarting the backup. The logs I sent proved this wasn’t the case (my Mac is set to never sleep) and the error occurred as soon as Mozy attempted to send the first file to the server. I’d already done most of the steps in the e-mail (such as uninstalling/re-installing).

The final step was to change the backup to try backing up just one file. I saved this for last since if it worked it would remove all my other files (although the historical copies should remain for 30 days). This was a bit weird. It did delete about 80% of the files although 10GB or so remained up there. This indicated to me that something was out of sync. Also, the one file selected for backup wasn’t backed up and I received the error.

For laughs I installed Mozy one last time and used by free account. The backup worked fine.

I want a backup I can trust and I’d lost confidence in Mozy so the path of least resistance and greatest confidence was to move on. Amazon S3 is more expensive (the break even point with Mozy is around 30GB although since there are charges beyond space used the exact amount varies.)

So far no other backup has the features I want for the low cost of Mozy so for now I’ll be sticking with Amazon S3 and spending a bit more. In future posts I’ll write about Jungle Disk and the other backup solutions I looked at.  But since I’ve been so pro Mozy in the past I wanted to get on record that I now longer had a subscription.

2 thoughts on “No Longer A Mozy User”

  1. I also switched from Mozy for a similar reason. I may return to them in the future, but for now I think that the Mozy Mac client needs some work. I've used their PC client before switching platforms with absolutely no complaints. Cloud backup solutions take forever for the initial backup (unless you have an extremely fast internet connection, so the worst thing to be told is to reinstall the software and run another complete backup, which can take days.

  2. Just had a similar problem with Mozy. It worked fine for me for almost a year, then stopped backing up. My main beef is that their tech support SUCKED. They told me to re-download the application, which I did to no effect. Then they went for days without responding to further emails from me (meanwhile, I have no backup, of course). I finally dumped them, and am waiting now to hear from them regarding my demand that they refund the year of my subscription that I haven't used. Good luck, huh?

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