Bad Monster

While there are companies I won’t do business with due to poor experiences with them, there are very few companies I refuse to due business with for reasons that have nothing to do with their product.

Monster cable is one of them. For awhile I didn’t buy their products simply due to their price and lack of value. But theses days I wouldn’t buy their stuff even if there were no other options. I’m happy to say I’ve never purchased any of their products.

They are a greedy company using a legal form of extortion to supplement their income. Their latest extortion attempt lawsuit is against Monster Transmission. This is after Monster Cable sued, then dropped the suit (after much negative publicity), against Monster Mini-Golf. It appears Monster Cable has returned to their old ways. The world would be better off if this company just went bankrupt and ceased to exist.

The are plenty of alternatives to Monster’s overpriced cables, my favorite is It’s not like Monster’s premium prices go into better cables, rather they pay for their attack attorneys.

As the Audioholics article points out, Monster Transmission is a family owned business that actually builds their stuff in the U.S., while Monster Cable’s products are almost all imports. Even a moron in a hurry isn’t going to confuse Monster Transmission products for Monster Cable products. This frivolous lawsuit just puts added pressure on a small company in this tough economy. Monster Cable’s claims of just protecting their trademark just don’t hold water.

Let’s hope Monster Cable doesn’t find out who owns Halloween. Or will they sue kids wearing monster consumes next?

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