Mass Efficiency

I like and have been using them for many of my tech purchases for several years. But my recent order for Windows XP Home took an interesting route to get to me. I can’t help but wonder if the drive to lower costs can actually be wasteful at times. To be clear, NewEgg delivered as promised, just not exceeding their promises as they have in the past.

I ordered the software on Monday, taking the free shipping and no special processing, and on Tuesday the package was in the DHL Rutherford facility. Fine so far, but this is where it gets strange.

DHL ships the package approx 220 miles to the USPS facility in Walpole, Ma. Now this is strange because the 220 miles trip passes near my house and the package is actually farther away when it’s turned over to USPS two days later, for delivery to me. USPS took two days to get it to me, which is the same if DHL had been taken out of the loop and USPS handled it all the way.

Historically, NewEgg would get me stuff within in a day when using UPS and two days when using USPS from New Jersey. I assume they went with DHL as a cost-cutting measure and will also assume it helps them keep costs low. I just have a hard time believing that DHL is a cost effective solution when they turn it over to USPS anyway and only after sending if farther way.

I guess they make it up in volume.

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