Windows Home Server Power Pack 2

Windows Home Server Power Pack 2 has been released and is in the wild. I installed it on my two Windows Home Servers without incident. The first was my 12TB Windows Home Server , the second was my HP Mediasmart Windows Home Server. Both took only a few minutes, including the reboot.

Both installs went without incident. As expected, a server reboot was required. After the upgrade I was prompted to upgrade the connector on my Windows PCs. One of those also required a reboot while the others did not.

I haven’t looked at the features added with Windows Home Server Power Pack 2 but I did test backup and restore. I successfully restore a file that was backed up before the upgrade. I also successfully did a new backup and restore.

New features in Power Pack 2 include:

Media Center support – you can now install a connector on a Windows Media Center PC and view shared content within Media Center. MP4 audio and video support has also been added.

Remote Access settings have been simplified (according to official docs) and there are new configuration and repair wizards. Better troubleshooting support has also been added.

There’s also bug fixes related to backups, server storage and shared folders. Additional language support has also been added.

Power Pack 2 is only available through system update and Power Pack 1 must already be installed.

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