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The OS Quest Trail Log #39: Site Tweak Edition

It’s been about a month since the last trail log. While I had a few posts since then they’ve been a bit lacking in depth. My day job, the one that pays the bills, has been keeping me busy. But I’ve also been trying to expand my web and WordPress knowledge if I’ve been motivated to do something that wasn’t mindless after a day of work I’ve been playing in this are.

In addition to keeping my WordPress install, including plug-ins, up to date I’ve made the following tweaks:

  • The header is now a graphic and takes up less vertical space
  • Added a “Home” selection as the first item in the menu bar. While clicking on the header brings up the home page and seems “obvious” to me since it’s not so common, it’s not necessarily obvious to everyone.
  • Removed the large vertical ad block along the right and the three ad blocks in the footer.
  • Modified the category tiles used for posts in the “Likes & Gripes” and “Quick Bits” categories. Added a little color and matched the font used in the header. I like to begin each post with a picture or graphic but these categories are usually quick entres without a picture. They don’t appear in the rss feeds or single post pages.
  • In made minor css changes to include elements I liked from previous themes. Nothing major.

I also pulled in the content from which was a small blog I started but didn’t keep up with. Most of the content was already here which is one reason why that site didn’t grow. I also added a “Windows Home Server” page to this site in order consolidate my WHS information.

As Murphy would have it, right after I made these changes and spent a lot of time working on others a new version of the Thematic theme framework that I used was released. I’m not complaining though. It seems to have some great new features and I like the look of the default theme. The downside is since the changes seem significant it will probably take some time for me to get the update in place. I like to do changes a little at a time to see how I like them, but in this case it will probably be significant change. But fun stuff.

New & Updated Software

I did finally install iWork 09. I’ve really only used number and even that just lightly. But the finally added the ability to freeze header rows and columns to Numbers. So now they stay on screen while scrolling. Seems like a basic spreadsheet function to me and I never understood why it wasn’t there on day 1.

I have iLife 09 but it remains in the box. I just haven’t wanted to deal with the change right now. Or the inevitable problems that seem to come with each new Apple software release these days. Faces and Places seems nice but as my existing photos are already tagged for this data it’s not something I’m burning to use.

PC Builds

I done a couple builds I haven’t yet mentioned on this site. Although I haven’t made the switch yet the new PC for my parents is built. This weekend I’ve visit and get a clone of the current hard disk along with copies of the CDs for the software install. As part of this move I built a small Windows Home Server from available parts so I could use it for the migration.  Hopefully I’ll have time to write those up soon.

On Tap

My parents PC migration will probably take up much of my free time for the next couple of weeks. I figure a visit this weekend for backups and copies so I can install the software during the week and bring the new PC over the following weekend.

If I have the energy after a days work I’ll being digging into WordPress, CSS and related topics.