Why I Love Slicehost

There will probably be a short site outage at 3:30PM UTC time on March 1st. While the outage is due to problems with the server I’m hosted on it’s a good example of why I love Slicehost as a hosting provider. Earlier today my site went dead as I was doing an update. It wasn’t the type of update that would have caused an outage. I checked the Sitehost diagnostics page which told me my slice was not running although the host hardware was up. It suggested I do a hard reboot which I did. The site came back up.

A few minutes late I received an e-mail from Slicehost saying they had monitored an unexpected reboot of the server that hosts my slice and would continue to monitor the server.Then about two hours later I received an e-mail that due to the previous problem they would be moving my slice to a new physical server at 3:30 UTC and there would be a brief period of downtime.

This is the second time I’ve received a message from Slicehost about a host server problem. The first time was back on February 10th. So just two events in one month and their moving me to a new server. This compares to chronic problems I experienced on my Bluehost shared hosting plan which caused me to move to Slicehost a bit ahead of schedule.

It’s a bit unfair to compare Bluehost and Slicehost directly and Bluhost is less than half the cost and Slicehost requires more work on my part. Slicehost is a virtual private server (vps) on a server that’s not oversold. Memory and disk are dedicated to me and I get a guaranteed minimum cpu cycles and will get more if they’re available when I need them.

But that doesn’t make the level of support and customer care any less worthy of praise. These days it’s tough to find truly good customer service. Sure, there was a hardware problem, for the first time since I’ve had the server which is over a year. But Slicehost handled it pro-actively and quickly. If you’re willing able to maintain your own server software from the operating system on up you can’t go wrong with Slicehost.

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