McAfee VirusScan Plus free with VMware Fusion – Overpriced

I’ve recently been casually looking at virus software to see what’s out there. My impression of McAfee overall is negative but I can no longer remember the specific reason why that is. It’s bundled with VMware Fusion so I figured since it was free I’ve give it a try. Now, I expect a few strings but McAfee was so egregious all its products are now dead to me. And since VMware’s branding was incorporated into the McAfee interface itself which implies they approved I’ll view them skeptically in the future.

It wasn’t the links to the full (paid) product to enable additional features that annoyed me. Those were expected.

What puts McAfee into my personal slime pit is that it replaced my browser’s search provider with Yahoo. It did tell me it was doing it but gave me no option to keep my current settings. It also wanted to install the Yahoo toolbar but I was able to cancel it. The site advisor toolbar was installed and includes yet another search box hardcoded to Yahoo.

Needless to say McAfee no longer inhabits my virtual machine and I’ll be ignoring their products in the future.

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