Apple Software Updates

I finally got around to applying to recent Apple updates to my iMac. I’ve been queueing them up starting with the iTunes 8 update. Part of the reason is I wanted to limit changes while I was recovering my Windows Home Server. But the main reason was I’ve come to expect problems when applying updates from Apple. So far the problems have been minor.

While waiting to apply the updates I’d read about people losing iTunes songs and album art after installing iTunes 8 A common thread for the missing files was that the files weren’t consolidated by iTunes which matches my configuration. I have files in three different locations, none of them the default. I keep most songs on an external hard drive and it happens to be the location specified in iTunes prefs. Videos, audio-books and some music in different shares on my Windows Home Server.

After the upgrade I did have some videos missing, but in going to the pre-upgrade backup they were missing there too so it probably wasn’t upgrade related, they just didn’t get flagged until the upgrade.

I also had some album art missing. I’m not big on album art, when I add music I have iTunes check for album art, if it’s there great, if not I move on. But some of the missing album art was from the free singles I’d downloaded from iTunes so it was there at one time but I can’t say they were there right before the upgrade.

The annoying problem I do have is that the option to “Keep Movie Window On Top Of All Other Windows” no longer works. It keeps the window on top of the main iTunes window but that;s all. Other windows appear on top of it. A visit to the user forums shows it’s a common problem.

I’ve had one other annoying problem. While I can’t say which update caused it I figure its OS X 10.5.5. Parallels has lost its menu bar (the one that appears on the OS X desktop, not in the VM) and it no longer hides when I tell it to hide. Selecting “Hide Others” from another app causes the apps in the Vista VM to minimize but the full Parallels vm stays front and center. This is annoying but not a real problem so I’m hoping it goes away on its own before I get annoyed enough to look into it.

So far there’s hasn’t been any problems, but it’s only been a couple of hours.

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