Microsoft Marketing Powerhouse to Marketing Has-Been

Microsoft announced that they’re cutting Seinfeld out of their ads. Planned it all along. I didn’t say anything about the ads at the time but I thought they were unfairly disparaged at first. I kind of liked them, I chuckled a bit, and figured they were recreating Seinfeld’s sitcom about nothing in an attempt to try to make people feel good about Microsoft. I didn’t expect Seinfeld to pitch Vista directly, but rather promote the Microsoft brand to consumers.

Now they say they always planned to dump Seinfeld after two ads. Not that I buy it, but assuming it’s true then those ads did suck and had no point. I had hoped to see the ads through to the end, figuring they were going somewhere. Now it’s aapparent Microsoft doesn’t have a clue about marketing anymore (too many committees?).

Word is they’re going for a John Hodgman look-alike. My prediction is those ads will get slammed even more than the Seinfeld ads as being woofully inferier to the Apple ads which they’ll be compared to directly.

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