Google Chrome

As you probably already heard Google released their own browser last week called Google Chrome. It’s a beta release and so far only a Windows version is available, although OS X and Linux versions are in the works. It certainly received a lot of positive press.

There’s been a lot of speculation about why Google released it, from the beginnings of a Web/Google OS to market research. My own theory is it’s partly to make money. While free, Google pays out a lot of money to the Mozilla foundation and Apple when people use the Google search box in their browsers and then click on an ad. If Google owns the browser they don’t pay out the comissions.

I also buy the Market Research angle. Both to track see what people use and want on the web and to bolster their advertising business. Google been working more and more to keep people signed in to Google so they can track their browsing. Now they have the browser and unless people turn off the tracking (and sacrifice some features) Google will gather a lot more information, even when your not on their site.

I use Google for a lot of things but I have to admit I’m getting a bit uneasy about their scope of data collection. Although I admit I stick with Google products when they work for me. (I’m still using GMail.) As if to prove they have an insatiable appetite for data Google is launching their own satellite. OK, Google doesn’t own the satellite but their logo was on the rocket and they the exclusive rights among online mapping sites for the data.

Since Google Chrome is Windows only I won’t be using it on any regular basis, whether it’s good or not.

According to the New York Times today is Google’s 10th anniversary of incorporation and they have some comparisions between Google and Microsoft.

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