Use IZarc To Read ISO Image Files

I recently downloaded a software DVD ISO image from a vendor’s website, burned it to DVD, and tried copying it to a server. No luck, the DVD was bad. That was the second DVD, the burn on the first DVD failed outright. Since I didn’t really need a physical DVD except as a way to get the files I decided to finally take the time and look for a program that would extract the files from the ISO image. Some paid programs came up at the beginning of the search results but I finally came across the free iZarc. IZarc is freeware (not open source) and donations are requested.

IZarc is a file archiver that handles all the common archive formats. It supports over 40 file formats, with ISO among them. It also supports 256-bit AES encryption.

IZarc is a full featured file archiving utility. There’s a command line add-in available along with a “2Go” version that can be run from a USB flash drive. There’s a long list of supported languages and the uer interface was very clean.

I only used it to extract the files from the ISO image. For that it was quick and easy. I highly recommend it for that use.

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