Corsair Flash Voyager USB Drive

Corsair Flash Voyager graphic A couple of months ago I bought the 32GB version of the Corsair Flash Voyager drive and I love it. While I can only compare it to low cost competitors it’s faster than any other drive I’ve used. My cheap-o PNY flash drive copies at about 4.8 MB/s while the Corsair copies the same files over twice as fast, anywhere from 9 to 13 MB/s. (That’s not a true benchmark, just a comparison copying files while my system is in use.)

I primarily use the drive to move video files between my Mac Mini and my iMac. It’s better than 802.11 wireless and I’ve been using the Mac Mini to digitize my media. No problems or lost data.

Everything about the drive gives the impression of a solid build. The rubber coating makes it easy to hold although it does make it wider than other drives so it may have problems plugging into USB ports in tight spaces. It comes with a USB extension cable to deal with that although it’s probably not something you’d want to carry around. It comes with a substantial neck strap which has a metal clasp. The only potential weak spot is the rubber loop that the metal clasp hooks into on the drive. It seems that if the drive gets caught on something and is pulled by the strap it’s the rubber loop that will break.

Another drawbacks is that the activity light is only visible on one side of the drive. So, depending on your setup, it may not be visible. The rubber cap is a separate piece and held on via friction. It bounces nicely, and silently, when dropped and seems destined to get lost. It has loosened up just a bit since I got it but it still stays on solidly. I also have a bit of a concern about the rubber getting mushy if exposed to heat although I haven’t had any problems carrying it in my pocket.

While I can’t compare it to other quality USB drives I’m quite happy with it and recommend it. I’m so happy I decided to take advantage of some discounts and rebates and just ordered the 16GB version.

Corsair is offering rebates through the end of August – $30 back on the 16GB model and $40 on the 32GB version. Unfortunately these are mail in rebates, but they are significant. is also offering $5 off using promo code EMCAJCBBB through August 27th on the 16GB Flash Drive. The e-mail ad also indicated this was “while they last”. This brings the pre-rebate price down to $60. Amazon has a better every-day price (without the NewEgg promo code) charging $63 for the 16 GB Flash Drive. Both places offer free shipping on the drive and have the rebate forms available online. If it’s the 32 GB version that interests you, Amazon has a better price on that, charging $120 compared to NewEgg’s $125.

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