Another MobileMe Extension From Apple

MobileMe box graphic Apple has extended MobileMe subscriptions for an additional 60 days. My paid subscription expired recently and I’m currently running under the previous 30 day extension, with 20 days left. Things may change after the latest 60 day extension, but I still plan to leave MobileMe when my subscription expires.

Shortly before I received the latest extension notice I had cut the cord completely with MobilMe and stopped using  iDisk, the last MobileMe feature I was still using.

As I previously mentioned, I’d been trying out SugarSync as a potential iDisk replacement. The short version of the results is I won’t be keeping SugarSync past the trial either. It worked fine, with only a few minor quirks, but it just never worked itself into my daily workflow.

With Leopard Apple introduced the Sparse Bundle Disk Image format. The main reason was to allow Time Machine to efficiently back up these disk images by only backing up the changed data. I tried syncing a Sparse Bundle between two Macs using SugarSync but it didn’t work. The destination Mac just received a bunch of 8MB files.

I’ve moved on from SugarSync to Microsoft Live Mesh. Yea, makes no sense. They teased a Mac client a couple of weeks ago but it’s still Windows and Web only. Since it’s Windows only it’s obviously not a replacement for iDisk but it is intriguing and I like what I see so far. Of course, I’ve been using it for less than 48 hours. It’s still in the “Tech Preview” stage so there’s plenty of “coming soon” messages and some strange behavior in spots.

If all else fails, I can always fall back to ChronoSync to copy files from mac to mac.

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