WordPress 2.6 Released

WordPress 2.6 has been released. It’s an upgrade to WordPress 2.5.x so the WordPress 2.5.x branch won’t be updated anymore. Eventually there’ll be a security related update that requires upgrading to WordPress 2.6.x so I figured I’d get it over with sooner rather than later.

It’s a fairly straight-forward upgrade, just some file copies. It took me longer to verify the backups than to do the actual upgrade. I didn’t have any plugin compatibility or other problems and found this line from the announcement to be true:

2.6 is pretty much identical to 2.5 from a plugin and theme compatibility point of view, so upgrades from 2.5 should be pretty painless.

I haven’t looked specifically at the new features yet, but everything seems to be working fine. There was talk of turning remote publishing via XML-RPC and APP off by default. This is true for new installs but in my case it stayed enabled during the upgrade and I didn’t have to do anything to re-enable Windows Live Writer posting – it just worked.

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