MobileMe: New Name but Old Problems

MobileMe box graphicApple may have given .Mac a new name, but it’s returned the service to it’s old ways. Way back when I started with .Mac it was unreliable, so much so I didn’t renew. I signed up again just under a year ago and it’s been pretty reliable since then. But the conversion to MobileMe has been a disaster for current .Mac users. There a several long threads in the support forums.

This morning my iMac received it’s update for MobileMe. During the upgrade my local iDisk as deleted (luckily a copy was made). Since the upgrade I’ve been unable to login to MobileMe through the preferences pane. It returns an “Unknown validation error”. Others in the forum report the same problem. While I do have the iDisk files that were in the backup, iDisk itself is unavailable. If I didn’t sync iDisk locally the files would be unavailable.

For most of the day I was also unable to login to the website. Most of the time I’d simply get redirected to a info page that didn’t even provide a login link. Finally tonight I was able to logon through the website (so at least I know the ID/password are valid). But even though I could logon performance was spotty and eventually I got kicked out.

My iMac hasn’t been presented the update for MobileMe although it did get the iTunes update. I’m not sure if this is because Apple is holding back or some other problem. Others have reported the same thing and some have said Apple pulled the update but that could be the same speculation I was making.

For a paid service doing a planned upgrade I would think Apple could do better than cause a day long outage for existing customers. Just when I was thinking I could trust the service Apple sends a dose of reality. I realize this was probably a complicated upgrade but that’s no reason to lower expectations.

[Update July 11th: I’m able to logon through the pref pane this morning. All my sync settings are gone and I’ll have to reset them. I also can’t access my iDisk. I can see my iDisk through the web but can’t download any files.]

[Update #2 July 11th: I’m now able to access and copy files from iDisk using my Mac.]

[Update July 12th:My iMac had MobileMe 1.1 waiting for me this morning. I still haven’t installed it. Syncing still hasn’t worked for me on the iMac but maybe this will fix it. My Macbook hasn’t gotten the iMac update and when .Mac syncing kicked off today there were lots of errors.]

[Update #2 July 12th:Still more problems on my iMac which still hasn’t gotten MobileMe 1.1 and fails to sync. My MacBook with MobileMe 1.1 seems better. In any case, I’ve decided to abandon MobileMe so this will be my last update.]

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