WHS Add-In Updated: Windows Home Server Disk Management

Windows Home Server Disk Management, my favorite and most useful add-in for Windows Home Server, has been updated. My previous version was Functionally there’s not much that’s different, but but the enhancements improve an already fine add-in. Like other add-ins I’ve used, the old version must be uninstalled before the new version can be installed. In general the settings are saved but in this case the server wireframe (diagram of disk usage) had to be re-created. This was documented on the download page which also provides templates that came be imported for HP MediaSmart and Scaleo servers.

Among the new features I like is the ability to set the alert thresholds for disk usage. My biggest annoyance was that disks were shown in yellow when above 75% usage and in red when above 90%. Since disk usage is managed by WHS itself and there’s nothing I can do about individual disk usage I disliked having the yellow or red bars which usually indicate a problem when I had an otherwise healthy disk. There’s also new thresholds for total disk pool usage which is is more useful than individual usage.

If you’ve installed the WHS PP1 beta you should use the WHS Disk Management beta which you’ll have to request. In my case, the WHS data is too important to trust to the beta software even though it should resolve the data corruption bug.

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