Of Browsers & Operating Systems

There were a couple interesting events in the world of site statistics for this site (it’s a very small world).

Windows climbed to the top of list for operating systems used by visitors to this site and as of now 50% of all visitors is are on Windows. Since it’s launch OS X has always held the top spot. This was mainly due to the large amount of traffic my post about replacing Windows Home Server disks attracted. That was a bit of an anomaly and OS X traffic in the last couple of days is back above Windows traffic.

The other event was the release of Firefox 3. Firefox has always been the leading browser for visitors to this site and they stayed around the typical 43% or so. But what was interesting is that since it’s release it’s now the most used Firefox version among visitors and the second most used version among all browsers with 26% of all visitors using Firefox 3, behind Safari 3 at 30%. Not bad for a browser out less than a week.

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