If I Have the Space the Files Will Come

Screenshot showing disk status Another screenshot showing disk usage It seems there’s never enough space. I just added an additional terabyte of space to my Windows Home Server recently and already I’d eaten that up and added another 500GB through the eSATA connection. Prior to expanding the disk I had cleaned up old files and had nearly a terabyte free. Clearly I was out of control. If I have the space there’s no reason to use restraint.

The solution was simple and non-technical. I’d been ripping and encoding DVDs and rather than deleting the ripped files once encoded I kept them in case I later found a problem with the encoding. Heaven forbid I have to pull out the DVD and re-rip it. So now I quickly test the encode when it’s done and then delete the source files. If I find a problem down the road I’ll pull out the original DVD.


So now that things are cleaned up the 500GB external drive is gone and I’m back to 1.3TB free.

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