OS X 10.5.3 Released

Apple has released OS X 10.5.3 through Software Update and as a Combo Update. Details about the update are included in this knowledge base article while the security fixes are listed in the security bulletin. I’ve updated my three Macs (MacBook, iMac and Mac Mini) without serious incident So far just a few minor anomalies. All use Intel processors.

The update naturally requires a reboot. This was a double-reboot which is common enough now that my heart no longer stops. Each reboot took much longer than normal and the desktop took much longer to completely appear after the first logon. Subsequent reboots were back to normal.

On two of my Macs there was also a RAW Camera update for Aperture. I decided to apply this update first (no reboot required). After applying this update Software Update refreshed and the OS X 10.5.3 update jumped from a 198MB download to a 420MB download. So if you’re concerned about the download size be sure to apply 10.5.3 first or both at the same time.

After applying the update on my iMac the button configuration for my Mighty Mouse was reset to the defaults so I had to go into preferences and reset them. I’ve had to do this after other updates.

Another problem that’s occurred with previous updates is that the first .Mac sync after the update causes several iCal conflicts. The appointments are fine and the problem hasn’t returned or occurred with my other Mac. The appointments affected are recurring appointments that go back several years.

That’s the extent of my problems so far, but the update is fresh and I haven’t done a lot or run a lot of apps yet. So far I’ve just run iTunes and Parallels, but no problems so far. Only time will tell.

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