Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy Heron) Desktop on Parallels

UbuntuLogo_120 After upgrading my Ubuntu 7.01 Server to Ubuntu 8.04 Server without incident I decided to upgrade my Ubuntu 7.10 Desktop install that I have set up in a Parallels virtual machine. I’d originally installed Ubuntu 7.04 then upgraded to Ubuntu 7.10. So now it would be an upgrade to Ubuntu 8.04.

The upgrade went as described in the Ubuntu instructions. The upgrade told me it would remove 65 packages, install 182 new ones and upgrade 867 packages. All this would total a 643MB download which would take an estimated 49 minutes. It took more than 49 minutes but I was using the default mirrors and they were being hit pretty hard at the time so the download took about twice as long as estimated.

I never got into using Ubuntu on my Mac so I can’t really say what changed, but the upgrade went off without a hitch. At least until it came time to install Parallels Tools. The tools failed to install with an error that the xorg installation couldn’t be found. Based on this thread on the Ubuntu forum there doesn’t seem to be a work around at this time.

I still haven’t seen anything in Ubuntu (or any other Linux desktop) that would have me using it over my Mac on any regular basis. It’s nice to have to satisfy my curiosity and since I don’t use it regularly the lack of Parallels Tools support doesn’t affect me.

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