MacMozy 1.0 Released


Mozy’s Mac client has left beta and is now an official 1.0 release. I’ve used the paid Mozy service since September and have been relatively happy with it. There were a few rough spots, like the last beta release (version 0.9.4) which failed to successfully complete a backup, forcing me to roll back to the previous release. But I’ve installed MacMozy 1.0 and it’s been running fine and completing backups.

I currently backup over 120,000 files totaling over 3GB. My only real complaint is that selecting files for restore is a bit slow although the 120K files probably has something to do with this. It’s not unbearably slow, but if your the impatient type or need that file in a hurry it’ll be like boiling that watched pot.

Another minor issue is that occasionally MacMozy will tell me it needs to back up several GB, even though I’ve had few changes. It processes all these files for backup but when It comes time to send them to the server it sees there already on the server so doesn’t send them again.

Like any online backup a lot of the performance depends upon your ISP. I don’t even attempt to backup my 150GB music and video library. With my upload bandwidth there’s not enough time in the week. So it’s not an all-encompassing solution but it does provide the offsite piece of my backup strategy.

I’ve been relatively quiet about Mozy lately but that’s because it’s been working (right up until the final beta which I already mentioned). Hit the tag links down the bottom or hit the search box for my previous articles about Mozy.

Mozy is currently running several promotions. No matter which plan you think is best for you, you should start with the free version and move up to a paid plan when you know it works for you.

The free plan offers 2GB of storage (no time limit) for personal, non-commercial use. Enter referral code E62DWM during registration to receive an extra 256MB of storage. I use a free account to backup my MacBook.


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