Ubuntu 7.10 Server to Ubuntu 8.04 Server (Hardy Heron) Under Parallels

Even though I’m still in the middle of building my Ubuntu test server I decided to go ahead and upgrade it to Ubuntu Server 8.04 (Hardy Heron). Sure, I’m still learning all this stuff and this will make it harder to troubleshoot problems. Upgrade issue? My configuration error? Oh well, it’s all for fun anyway.

My environment is Ubuntu Server 7.10 under Parallels Desktop 3 Build 5584 running on OS X 10.5.2. For complete details you can see earlier articles in the Ubuntu Server series.

First off I make sure everything is up to date by running:

sudo aptitude update

sudo aptitude safe-upgrade

Then I made sure the update manager was installed:

sudo aptitude install update-manager-core

Then I use Parallels snapshot manager to create a snapshot of my now up-to-date Ubuntu 7.10 server so I can easily roll back. I start the upgrade with:

sudo do-release-upgrade

Since I’m doing this through SSH from terminal on my iMac I’m given the following warning:


I go ahead and do the installation. Everything is on my local network so I shouldn’t have a problem. I could do the upgrade directly in the VM but I prefer to continue with the illusion that the server is remote. Once I acknowledge that I want the upgrade the installer does some calculations and tells me:


I go ahead and start the upgrade. Things are a bit slower than the estimated two minutes, the downloads take about 30 minutes. I’m using the default repositories and with the new release they are probably being pounded. But since I could let the update run while I did other things so it was no big deal.

After the download the installer started unpacking the files and updating the software which took another 20 minutes. I was prompted for a few file replacements and in all cases I chose to keep my current file. The prompts were for the MySQL my.cnf, the apache2.conf, the php.ini for Apache and the configuration file for the default Apache site. Once the updating is finished I need to restart Ubuntu.

I do some quick testing by connecting via terminal using SSH and connecting to my website using both a regular http connection and an SSL connection. Everything seems to work fine. We’ll see what happens in the days ahead.

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