OS Quest Trail Log

Trail Log #30: Out Sick Edition

Very little activity on the Quest this week as I was sidelined by a bug that’s been going around. This week was my turn. Other than a couple Apple updates and a Windows Home Server update later in the week I didn’t spend much time on the computer.

The big update news this week (at least for me) was the release of WordPress 2.5. I had the energy to update my test site yesterday afternoon but quickly ran out of steam. So the upgrade to this site will take place next weekend. This provides the added benefit of being able to to see the experience others have with the upgrade.

In addition to the updates I already mentioned, Apple released Apple TV 2.01. If Apple mentions this update anywhere on it’s website they hidden it well. The only change I noticed was the addition of a Genre button on the My Movies screen which is a useful addition. The update wasn’t problem free. After the update I could no longer stream anything from iTunes. It would sync fine but I could only play the synced items. Reboots and toggling the setting to enable/disable streaming did nothing. Eventually I broke the connection to iTunes and re-established it again. This erased everything from Apple TV and re-synced everything. Then streaming was fine.

That’s all for this week’s log – nice and short.