Aperture 2.1 Released by Apple

Apple has released Aperture 2.1. This time they’re more forthcoming with the release notes:

Aperture 2.1 updates various features of the application and addresses issues related to performance and overall stability. The updates include the following:

  • Dodge & Burn Plug-in. A sample plug-in is pre-installed, taking advantage of the Edit API introduced in Aperture 2.0. The plug-in adds brush-based tools for Dodge (Lighten), Burn (Darken), Contrast, Saturation, Sharpen and Blur.
  • Customize Default Adjustment Set. You can now specify which adjustments appear by default in the Adjustments Inspector/HUD.
  • Updated Crop Tool. A simplified UI makes it easier to preserve an image’s original aspect ratio, match the aspect ratio of your display, or use one of the standard preset aspect ratios.
  • Sorting in All Projects View. A contextual menu allows you to sort the All Projects view in ascending or descending date order.
  • Show on Map. A contextual menu allows you to choose the Show on Map by right-clicking (or Control-clicking) on an image that contains GPS data.
  • Access to Toolbar on Second Display. When using multiple displays in Full Screen mode, the Full Screen toolbar is now accessible on a second display.
  • “Snapshots” book theme. This additional theme includes new “photo border” frames in which to place images.
  • Flip Images. You can now flip images horizontally or vertically within Aperture.
  • Vignette. The range of gamma and exposure settings available has been expanded.
  • Save Books as JPEG or TIFF images. Automator actions have been added to Save as PDF pop-up menu in the Print Book window to automatically generate JPEG or TIFF images from book pages.
  • Update EXIF from Master. This command allows Aperture to reread EXIF from a master images after they have been imported.
  • Extended AppleScript support. The “Reveal” verb in the AppleScript dictionary has been extended to include containers such as projects and albums.

The update includes fixes that impact the a number of areas, including: Image import, Image migration, Erasing memory cards after import, Quick Preview, Batch Change, Auto-stacking, All Projects view, Tooltips, Smart Albums, Tethering, Adjustments inspector, Viewer, Loupe, White Balance, Definition, Lift & Stamp, Handling of externally edited images, Reconnecting referenced files, Keyboard customization, Deleting images, Metadata presets, Book themes, Borderless printing, Web Page/Web Journal export, Exporting versions, Export Plug-in support, and AppleScript support.

Additional information is a Apple’s Late Breaking News About Aperture 2 (pdf link).

I installed the update without a problem on my two Macs (no restart was required), but exploring Aperture will have to wait for another day.

Rob Galbraith has a good overview of Aperture 2.1 which also talks about some third-party plug-ins being developed.

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