Windows Home Server Update KB946146

Microsoft has released an update to Windows Home Server that addresses the following problem:

• You have a computer that is running Windows Home Server.

• Windows Home Server is distributed through System Locked Preinstall (SLP). For example, you purchase a Hewlett-Packard (HP) MediaSmart Server.

In this scenario, you may randomly receive an expiration notice that prompts you to activate Windows Home Server. You receive this notice even though you do not have to activate Windows Home Server because it is distributed through SLP.

The bulletin is dated February 20, 2008 so if you have automatic updates turned on you probably received it already. If, like me, you have automatic updates off you’ll need to manually update through the WHS Console. I installed the update without a problem although a restart was required. I never had the original problem so can’t say if the fix really works.

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