The OS Quest Trail Log #29: Even More Updates Edition

It seems most of my time this week was spent installing even more updates. But at least it wasn’t all updates, the week started off with an Apache/PHP istallation and Apache Configuration. Now I just have to get around to setting up a website.

Apple’s Time Machine also made a comeback. I’d stopped using it just prior to the release of OS X 10.5.2 but I recently freed up an external USB hard drive so I hooked it up to my iMac and enabled Time Machine. Like before, I excluded my virtual machines. This time I also excluded my iTunes library. Due to the podcasts and videos that come and go it would eat up my Time Machine disk rather quickly, limiting the time I could go back. An old problem returned, when the external drive goes to sleep and the iMac reboots it doesn’t always see the drive again so the backups stop.

Software Updates

Apple pushed out four OS X updates over three days – Safari 3.1, a large security update, a Time Machine and Airport Driver Update, and an update to Camera RAW. The Safari 3.1 update meant I also needed a update to my 1Password software.

In addition to the updates I wrote about, I also upgraded to Vista Service Pack 1 later in the week. I upgraded Vista Home Premium and Vista Ultimate running on VMware Fusion and Vista Ultimate running on Parallels. The upgrades all took about 90 minutes and went without incident. In each case the download was just 66.9MB (out of a possible 427MB). I don’t use Vista enough to notice any change.

WordPress 2.5 still isn’t out yet, although a release candidate was published a couple of days ago. I’m waiting for the final release before I start testing. Rumor has it that it’ll be out next week in keeping with the original roadmap.

I’d been holding off updating the firmware on my 5th-gen iPod and was at least two firmware updates behind. I finally decided to go ahead and update it. It updated fine, although the iPod restart was unnervingly long. No noticeable differences, which at this point is a good thing.


There were  few this week but I’ve been having problems with sound on Windows Vista running on VMware. It works, but sounds like a AM radio with a lot of static. Unfortunately after switching the driver from stereo to mono the VMWare Fusion would pin both CPU cores at 100%. This required a force quit of VMware and then an iMac reboot to kill all the orphaned VMware processes.

My Apple TV has become another source of frustration. Its minor, but really annoying. There’s a noticeable delay in the menus when it loads the preview image. This causes dropped clicks and missed menu choices. I rather do without the previews and save the clicks.

The Week Ahead

That rounds up this week. I’m pretty close to finishing my Ubuntu Server build and WordPress 2.5 will probably be released within a few days. Logically it would make sense for me to finish the server build then use it as the test platform for WordPress 2.5. But the reality is if WP is released soon I’ll probably update my current test site and take a look at it. It still remains to be seen what will catch my attention in the week ahead.

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