Time Machine & Airport Driver Update

Apple continued the updates and released a Time Machine & Airport Driver Update that’s described as:

…includes compatibility improvements for using Time Machine with Time Capsule, as well as AirPort driver fixes.

The update requires a reboot and is available through software update or as a direct download.

I didn’t have any problem updating my MacBook but I did have a bit of a problem on the iMac. Both were running OS X 10.5.2 and had all the same patches. My iMac didn’t properly shutdown after the update and I had to power it off. It seemed fine after the restart. The hanging shutdown isn’t a common problem but this wasn’t the first occurrence so it may be unrelated to the update.

I haven’t tried it myself, but others are reporting that Time Machine now works with USB drives attached to Airport Base Stations.

Not the first time for this rant so I’ll keep it short. Apple’s last three updates required a reboot. Couldn’t they have been released on the same day to minimize the interruption?

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