Safari 3.1 Released

Apple has released Safari 3.1 for Mac and Windows (does anyone use it on Windows?). Included in the update are fixes for 13 security vulnerabilities. On the Windows side it appears the beta status has been dropped.

Apple provides a pdf file that describes the features in pretty good detail. They emphasize improved speed and standards compatibility.

I’ve been running Safari 3.1 on OX 10.5.2 for about a day. From a typical user point of view there’s not a noticeable change as most of the enhancements are under the covers. Safari has been my primary now for a couple of months because it’s been faster and less resource intensive than Firefox on my Macs. Benchmarks may say it’s faster but there’s no noticeable difference for me during typical web surfing.

Safari 3.1 is available through software update or as a direct download.

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