The OS Quest Trail Log #28: Linux Continues Edition

Another week on the Quest and the past week was mostly about Unix, especially when considering only the time I spent. The Ubuntu Server Project resumed with the installation of MySQL. I also tried to install OpenSUSE on VMware but was less than successful with that effort. I also did some preparation for WordPress 2.5 although it’s release was delayed. Maybe this week.

I also managed short amount of time last weekend to take some new pictures. During the week I was able to use those shots as my introduction to using the new Aperture. So far I find it a lot more approachable than Aperture 1.5. I found it easy to make slight adjustments to exposure and color but haven’t gone any deeper. Based on my first look Aperture 2 looks like a keeper, unlike Aperture 1.5 which I stopped using. Macworld has a review of Aperture 2.01 and Ars Technica has a extensive Aperture review by Dave Girard.


This weeks frustrations were all wrapped up in the OpenSUSE install. It’s mainly just annoying because it was an unproductive couple of hours. But not all that bad since I had no plans to use OpenSUSE, I was just curious.

This site experience another outage this week according to SiteUpTime. Like last week, this one was for less than thirty minutes.

Software Updates

It was Microsoft patch Tuesday this week, but since I don’t run any MS Office apps none of them were for me. Then there was the Apple Airport updates, the only change I noticed was that now the message saying the router will restart is clearer that it means connections will be lost.

I’ve also have a firmware update pending for my 5th-gen iPod but I’ve been holding off updating it. This will make the second firmware update I’ve ignored. I haven’t been having any iPod problems so I’ve decided to keep holding off. Some have reported problems with the update.

ISlayer released a update to iStat Pro which is now at version 4.6. Most of the updates are improved support for various hardware but they did add a new skin (purple) and the uptime panel now displays the number of processes running. iStat Pro is a standard widget on all my Mac dashboards.

From Around The Web

There’s the possibility that my Windows Home Server could get Power Pack 1 in April instead of waiting for June. June is also the eta for a fix to the data corruption bug. If PP1 was released in April it wouldn’t contain the bug fix. The MS Windows Home Server blog has this news. Since I’m on the subject of the data corruption bug Anandtech has a good analysis of the bug and why it will take so long to fix. The bottom line, it’s not so much a bug as a faulty algorithm that needs to be rewritten.

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