Apple Releases Airport Utility 5.3.1

Apple release Airport Utility 5.3.1 today. It was a 10.6MB download through Apple’s Software Update on my Intel Macs running Leopard. The update is described as:

The AirPort Base Station Update 2008-001 includes general fixes and compatibility updates for the following applications:

– AirPort Utility
– AirPort Disk Utility
– AirPort Base Station Agent

I haven’t seen the update posted on Apple’s download page yet, but I would expect it to be there eventually. Some sites are reporting that the updates are available through the download page but the links don’t work for me. The update may be still propagating and it’s not on the server I’m hitting.

[Update: Downloads for Leopard, Tiger and Windows are now available on the download page.]

I had no problem connecting to my Airport Extreme after the update. But without any details I have no idea where to look for changes.

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