Preparing For WordPress 2.5

WordPress 2.5 still hasn’t been released, at least not as I write this, but it is due this week (today actually). [Update: News that it’s been postponed a week.] I spent some time on Sunday getting this site ready. Blog Herald published an article with changes theme and plug-in designers should expect. On Friday they published a more general checklist of what to do for a WordPress upgrade.

I didn’t do everything that was on the checklist. I did update plug-ins to their latest versions. I also went through and deactivated a couple plug-ins I no longer wanted.

One was the Articles plug-in so I also deleted the articles page. The articles page hadn’t worked right since my last upgrade and I had stopped adding new articles. The complete lack of traffic to the page contributed to my lack of desire to fix it, so it’s gone.

I also deleted the Link Harvest plug-in. It was used to build a link page based on the sites I linked to within my articles. While I liked the idea in concept, I’m not sure it was at all useful in practice. It was another page that saw no traffic so it was easier to delete than worry about in the upgrade and potential redesign.

I had been using Google Analytics to gather site stats. It’s a lot of nice statistics but I almost never viewed them. So I decided to stop using Google Analytics and I deactivated a Google Analytics plug-in.

I had to roll back an upgrade to the HeadSpace2 plug-in I use. HeadSpace2 is a plug-in I use to manage meta-data, mainly tags, After I updated to the latest version (3.3.29) I could no longer manage tags through HeadSpace2. Rather than troubleshoot I just rolled back to my previous working version. I’ll worry about troubleshooting it when I go to WordPress 2.5.  Unless WordPress 2.5 has better tag management HeadSpace2 is critical to me. The tags themselves were unaffected in the post, but none showed up in the meta-data management screen.

I also switched anti-spam plug-ins and went back to Akismet, at least temporarily, and turned off Spam Karma. The change may be temporary. I’m curious to see how Akismet does and since it’s from the WordPress folks it should be problem free with 2.5.

So, I’m as ready as I ever will be for WordPress 2.5.

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