The OS Quest Trail Log #27: WordPress Edition

Another slow week on the Quest. The only item of note was that I figured out how to exclude WordPress categories from feeds and created a couple of new rss feeds for the site.

My interest in the customized feeds was driven by a redesign I’m considering for The OS Quest. I’m still bouncing around ideas but I’ve already started making changes to the current site. Even if I don’t go there visually I’m thinking about the site as a magazine with three main sections – OS X, Windows and Linux. So, if you pay way too much attention to the site you’ll notice that there’s been some changes to the categories and tags.

I also found time to go through Apple’s Aperture video tutorials and install Aperture 2. Aperture 2 seems a lot less dense and easier to get into that Aperture 1.5. I’m taking things a little slower with Aperture 2 rather than just diving in like I did with Aperture 1.5. I started off with the video tutorials to get an overview of Aperture and I installed the sample projects to play around with in the coming week.


This week’s frustrations were relatively minor and short-lived.

First it was my Apple TV, which is supposed to list content that’s both local and on in iTunes on my iMac. decided to ignore content on my iMac unless it was synced. I tried various things to fix it – reboot the Apple TV, disconnect and reconnect it to iTunes and disable/re-enable the streaming option – all without success. Then yesterday it just decided to start working again on it’s own.

My iMac had a brief bout with forgetfulness. I have it set to require a password when resuming from the screensaver. It decided that it didn’t want to ask for the password anymore. I figured a reboot would help but the iMac just didn’t want to shut down because it couldn’t stop Finder. I ended up having to power it off which I hate to do. But weren’t any problems after the reboot and the password was again required coming out of the screensaver.

And lastly, according to SiteUpTime this site had a outage on Saturday that lasted less than 30 minutes, Without the monitoring software I wouldn’t have noticed.

Software Updates

Technically, my Aperture 2 install was an upgrade. But I wanted to start fresh so I removed all the remnants of Aperture 1.5. Of course, right after installing Aperture 2 from CD I received the Aperture 2.0.1 update through Apple’s Software Update.

I did install Acorn 1.1, an update to the image editor from Flying Meat. There’s a long list if fixes and additions in the release notes. While Acorn is my primary image editor my needs are so small the changes don’t affect me.

I didn’t have any other software updates this past week, although WordPress 2.5 is due out in the coming week. That also means I should go through and update my plug-ins.

That’s it for this week’s trail log.

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