Maybe Apple Was Right

Well, today was the big day. The Apple iPhone event happened, the beta SDK was released, and Apple set the roadmap. As someone without an iPhone it wasn’t a big deal for me. But in the run up to the event there sure was a lot of hype and hope about them also announcing a 3G iPhone.

About a month ago the company I worked for changed by company phone from Verzion to AT&T. The phone was a Blackberry and the plane included 3G. In the month I’ve had the phone I’ve never been able to use the phone on the 3G network.

I live in Connecticut. According to the AT&T coverage map there’s coverage along the coast (I-95 corridor) and coverage up I-91 to Hartford and Hartford is well covered. While I travel across the state I almost never travel along the coast or into Hartford. But even in the suburbs or Hartford I don’t get coverage, also no 3G coverage on I-91 even though there’s a thin blue line on the coverage map. Edge coverage is fine.

I’m just saying, maybe Apple was right in not going with 3G. I’d sure be po’d if I bought a shiny new 3G iPhone and stayed on Edge.

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