Windows Vista Warning

I’ve been spending more time using Vista and Internet Explorer. I’m still using default settings, at least the security related ones. While browsing to the screen went gray and the UAC popup appeared:

Now I think UAC is a good thing so I don’t want to just slam it. I’m guessing this was generated because there was a flash-based ad on the site. The ad didn’t display and using Firefox I saw it was a flash ad.

My problem here is the message is useless. I didn’t start the action, all I did was browse to the website. The message is pretty meaningless – IE wants to install an add-on. So, since I trust Ars Technica do I install it? Could their site have been hacked? Could they be serving an ad with a trojan? Is this a drive-by install? (I clicked cancel)

The results was that after browsing the site awhile I received the message again but I also received the yellow bar that told me the Flash plug-in was needed. I installed the plug-in (by clicking the yellow bar) and the ad displayed and I haven’t received the UAC prompt again.

Yes, I could turn UAC off but that lowers security and eliminating the message isn’t a solution. I think it’s a good thing to let me know whenever something wants to install. But the message needs to be more descriptive. The yellow bar add-in warning tells me it’s Flash from Adobe, why can’t this?

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