OS Quest Trail Log

The OS Quest Trail Log #25: WHS Edition

It was a week of Windows and Windows Home Server. I set up the UPS on the WHS. Then I did a factory reset due to some problems I was experiencing. After the factory reset things improved. No more sever power-offs and access from my Macs was problem free. So I then took the potentially warranty voiding step of upgrading the memory to 2GB.

With the WHS sorted out I was ready to start using it. I’ve been ripping some DVDs and saving them up to the server. I’m using MacTheRipper which extracts files from the DVD. It doesn’t do any encoding or format conversion. Unfortunately these files are too big to stream to my Mac Mini (on 802.11g) and can’t be used with the Apple TV.  So I’m considering ripping the DVD’s using Handbrake to re-encode and compress the files. I still need to figure out which will be the best format for me to use.

Once the Windows Home Server was sorted I installed Windows Vista Home Premium under VMware on my MacBook. It replaces the Vista Ultimate WM which I’ll move to my iMac. The main reason for this (besides being a new flavor of Vista) is that Vista Home Premium doesn’t support remote desktop. This won’t be a problem on my MacBook and I get try out WHS remote access to Vista on my iMac.

Software Updates

The updates slowed down this week. Just a quick keyboard firmware update for my MacBook and a minor iTunes update. There’s also an update to Skype that’s been out awhile but I still haven’t gotten around to updating it.

Then there’s the Aperture 2 update that I still haven’t gotten around to trying.


It was a nice calm week on the quest without an frustrations worth mentioning.

The Upcoming Week

I’m not willing to guess what I’ll be doing this week. I started working through the Apple videos about Aperture 2. I have to give Apple credit for coming out with a complete series of tutorial videos.